Week six

A Day Outdoors

 Nature sounds

Every day, our ears help us hear sounds in our surroundings. As spring rolls on, we might start to see and hear more activity every day! Each day I find myself hearing more, whether that’s birds singing, frogs calling or insects and small mammals rustling through leaves. We might hear overflowing streams running and wind whistling through trees. Whatever it is, our hearing help us understand where things are located and the direction a sound is coming from. Luckily, humans as well as many animals have two ears on either side of their heads for helping determine the direction of incoming sound. This week, try paying more closely attention to some of the sounds in nature!






Create a Sound Map on your Next Adventure!

Sound maps are a great exercise for fine tuning our hearing skills. To make a Sound Map all you need is a pen and paper. Draw an “X” in the center of the page. This X represents you at your sit spot. For each sound you hear, mark on the map where you think a sound of coming from and how away it is. Try to draw an image to describe the sound you heard. Who or what made the sound? For more on Sound Maps, click this link.

How to make animal ears using toilet paper tubes

See this instructional video on how you can make animal ears to use when outside. Do these ears help you hear new sounds? Sounds more clearly?

Make the ears of your favorite animals.

Week Five

A Day Outdoors

 Exploring soils with Soil Jars!


Last week we talked about taking a closer look at trees. This week we will explore where the trees dip their roots. “Dirt” might not seem like it’s got much goin’ on, but if we examine it closely, we begin to notice there are many different types of soil with varying amounts of clay, sand particles, and small pieces of gravel.

Scientists call the top layer that covers most of the earths land is soil. How soil feels and looks depends on where you are. Soil composition is different globally from deserts to tropical rain forests to the tundra. With Earth Day around the corner, this is a great time to remember how important soils are to virtually all living things – it is everywhere!

To learn more about the bits of soil, build a soil jar experiment. To do this you’ll need some soil, a jar with a lid, and some water. (Make sure you are getting your soil in locations where this is okay to do so!) Click the worksheet to download and journal your findings.





eschoolToday has online lessons on what soils are, their importance, and much more. Click here

Check out this great video from SciShow Kids on youtube!

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