Week Four

A Day Outdoors

Adopt a tree


Let’s take a closer look into the lives of trees. Trees show us that we don’t need a lot of outdoor space to grow a deeper awareness of our environment. This week, try adopting a tree – somewhere close by! It can be the old oak or maple tree in your backyard, or a new tree you’re noticing at the local park. Get to know your tree and try to visit it weekly.

– How tall is your tree? How old do you think it is? 

– How big is the trunk of your tree? How many times can you hug it?

– What do you notice happening to your tree now?

Use the worksheet to journal and keep track of how your tree changes throughout the spring and summer.




Week three

A Day Outdoors

Exploring with a magnifying glass


When we are enjoying our time recreating and enjoying the outdoors, there are many details that go unnoticed, even on things we might see all of the time! 

On your next outdoor adventure, bring a magnifying glass with you. What new colors and textures do you notice? Record your observations by downloading this worksheet.




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